Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Your Placement Agent Reliable and Legitimate?

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, Placement Agents play a great role in  the world of business fundraising. In the past, these agents were hired to introduce private equity funds to venture capital investors or to what they call as Limited Partners (LP), and simply congratulate after a job well done. But today, Placement Agents are highly valued advisors who understand and know their limited partners and the market’s appetite for different approaches. They also advise and assist fund managers and help develop marketing strategies. Their critical responsibility is constantly trying to satisfy their limited partners and value their judgment in order to establish long term and deep relationship.

It is imperative to know if the Placement Agent you are hiring is reliable and legitimate. As you know, there was a significant increase in loan scams on the internet perhaps because of the economic downturn lately. Hiring a Placement Agent for your business fundraising needs a thorough background check so you would know who you are dealing business with. For complete details of standard method to identify potential scammers you may check it at Direct Business Lending website.

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